Playing with light

Was really busy with guests and trips during the Thanksgiving weekend that I found little time to peek into my space. Now that its all over, I am back again with a little piece of experiment. Its a very very amateur attempt to play with the light altering shutter speed. Although I have done this before to get a ‘flowing effect’ for water, this is my first with light. Kindly bear with the flaws and I am pretty confident that I will come up with a better shot next time.

The picture was taken while we were driving through the expressway.The red streaks are from the tail lights of vehicles moving in front of us, the white from the headlights of vehicles moving in the opposite direction, the yellow streaks from the street lamps and the green from the boards which is quite visible in the picture.

The first award.. :) :) :)

Yippeee… I am sooooooo excited.. My very first award finds its way within 2 months of my blogging career !!!

Thank you so much Let’s be Thanks a lot for the inspiration to click more and learn from my fellow bloggers. You are giving us a great platform. My hearty congratulations to all the winners and participants.

You can see the winners list here and my winning post here.

Thank you all my friends for the likes and support. You are my bliss…!!!

As the sun sets ….

As I’ve said in a previous post, sunsets amuse me a lot. But the sunsets here are not as beautiful as the ones in my home land. These snaps were taken during a stroll by the lake side. For sure, the pictures haven’t done justice to what my eyes captured..
I’m participating in the online adventure travel magazine’s  Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers.This week’s Challenge is: Sunsets! and this post goes to it. Support me friends… You are my inspiration !!!