2 years !!! …and counting

The day marks our second anniversary in the Windy City. Am I in love with this place is a question that still ponders me.

When we came here my li’l one was a 3 month old baby who could only cry and stick on to my lap. Now when I see the big boy hopping around, building up the toy blocks, riding his trike, ┬árunning to me saying ” Ammaaa… huggie”(‘hug’ he means ­čśë ), I feel, time sure has bolted away.

As I have always wished for, I desperately want to go back to my home sweet home…but Chicago will be missed. As the place that turned me to a supermom, as the place that witnessed my li’l pea grow up, as the place that turned us from mere individuals to selfless mom and dad, as the place that helped me build up my passions…I will have to agree…yes, I am in love with the Chi-town !!

You can find a lot of Chicago snaps in my blog..here are some more ­čÖé



A bird’s eye view of the ┬áMichigan Lake shoreline…


And a street collage…

Jerrin Visit-Chicago

Cheers !!!

Awaiting spring


No..I haven’t abandoned my blog. Off late, the days have shrunk and time is flying. The weather is too rough to roam around with my camera and the same makes me feel dull and sleepy in the afternoons when I usually peek into my blog. I have missed a lot of updates from my fellow bloggers..I have broken my ‘Post a week’ vow…I wait anxiously for the spring..to be out with my camera…for the lovely sunshine..for the buds and blooms..for the green…for my dearest Amma & Achan who are coming all the way from India to be with us for some time…and, above all, the spring in our life… Cheers !!!