The Hue of Me… this post is mere serendipity…because…

1. When I clicked this pic, I never had a notion about the explanation that I am about to give to the photo 🙂

2. When I logged in to my blog to upload the pic to push into my drafts( which I often do nowadays since I am lazy to even type a title for those pics !!!) , I just had a glance on the Reader and found the Weekly Photo Challenge for this week- the hue of you.

Wait…doesn’t that pic I was about to upload has a hue of me? Doesn’t this photo remind me of who I am, where I belong to and where I long to be forever? I definitely think so.


The colours in this pic stir up in me the memories of my homeland, India, which is best represented by the tricolour- saffron, white and green. We were taught in school that saffron stands for courage and sacrifice, white for peace and truth and green for faith and chivalry.

What else best represents me now, in these days?

I am scraping together all my courage, sacrificing a lot of things I yearned for, for the sake of peace in our lives, striving hard to be a true and close-to-perfect life partner and mother, keeping faith in God that we be taken care of during this trying time.

When everything falls in place and the sunshine is back in our life, India is where I want to be-my abode, my sanctuary, my land of tricolour !!!