Awaiting spring


No..I haven’t abandoned my blog. Off late, the days have shrunk and time is flying. The weather is too rough to roam around with my camera and the same makes me feel dull and sleepy in the afternoons when I usually peek into my blog. I have missed a lot of updates from my fellow bloggers..I have broken my ‘Post a week’ vow…I wait anxiously for the be out with my camera…for the lovely sunshine..for the buds and blooms..for the green…for my dearest Amma & Achan who are coming all the way from India to be with us for some time…and, above all, the spring in our life… Cheers !!!


The never-ending rows of colorful tulips have fascinated me like anything since I saw them in the Tamil movie ‘Anniyan’ and in  the snaps by  DH’s friend when they visited ‘Keukenhof” . Even though I have been to Netherlands, it was not the tulip season and so I missed them..!!! My anguish was answered last spring when I got to see rows n rows of these colorful bulbs here in U.S. The sight was so soothing and pretty that I don’t remember how long I spent there with my camera !!!