As the sun sets ….

As I’ve said in a previous post, sunsets amuse me a lot. But the sunsets here are not as beautiful as the ones in my home land. These snaps were taken during a stroll by the lake side. For sure, the pictures haven’t done justice to what my eyes captured..
I’m participating in the online adventure travel magazine’s  Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers.This week’s Challenge is: Sunsets! and this post goes to it. Support me friends… You are my inspiration !!!


The lakeside by our home is one place that we often choose to camp for an evening irrespective of the it the fall foliage or the snow kissed trees or the lushy green, this is a place well worth for an escape from all our routines, works and worries .

I’m participating in the Wild Weekly Photo Challenge This week’s Challenge is: Escape  and this post goes to it. (Hope I am not late).