As the sun sets ….

As I’ve said in a previous post, sunsets amuse me a lot. But the sunsets here are not as beautiful as the ones in my home land. These snaps were taken during a stroll by the lake side. For sure, the pictures haven’t done justice to what my eyes captured..
I’m participating in the online adventure travel magazine’s  Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers.This week’s Challenge is: Sunsets! and this post goes to it. Support me friends… You are my inspiration !!!


Watching sunset at the beach is one of the things missed most in this North-eastern side of America. If the idea is to compensate it with sunrise, a sleepy-head like me will have to raise my will power to quite a huge level to do that. The thought of going to the lakeside to capture sunrise during fall and winter(when the “dude” plans to come up after 7 a.m) sends a chill to my not-so-cold-friendly body. If the plan is to see it in summer, forget it, waking up at 5 and walking to the lakeside is out of question.( Also, I like to watch the sun set rather than it rise :). May be ‘coz a setting sun brings up the beautiful night which gives me hours and hours of serene sleep). Ahhh….Thats when all the nostalgia swarms up..!!!

The long beaches in my very own hometown…the countless sunsets watched….the brined gooseberries and mangoes munched…the scribbling on the sand….the orangish-reddish-yellow  sky….the long wait for a bus to return home…Its all memories now…fond memories..!!!

This snap was taken on our last visit to India at the  Beypore beach where there is a  1 km long bridge made of stone stretching in to sea called “Pulimuttu”.The place was so very awesome. ThePulimuttu is surrounded by  Arabian sea on one side and Kallai river on the other side. The clouds betrayed me from grabbing a good snap of the setting sun…but my eyes assimilated all that my heart longed for..!!!